Wednesday 12 June 2024

Looking to boost your street cred with a new car? Here are some affordable ways of upgrading…

Have you had the same car for years? Have all your mates graduated to bigger and better motors? Are you eager to boost your street cred with an enviable new ride? Sadly, new cars don’t come cheap. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t turn heads. Here are some affordable ways of upgrading your wheels.

Buying second-hand

Brand new cars look and feel great. But they’re usually not the most cost-effective option. In real terms, the value of your motor will start to depreciate the moment you leave the dealership. If you buy second-hand, you’ll probably pick up a much better deal. In some cases, you can get your hands on cars that just a few months old with a significant sum knocked off the original purchase price. If you’re interested in used cars, take a trip around some forecourts, and browse classified adverts. If you respond to an advert, make sure you go and check out the car before you agree to purchase it. It’s unwise to buy something based on images on a website. If you can, take a mate with some mechanical expertise with you, and arrange a test drive.

Car finance

A growing number of drivers rely on vehicle finance. Finance enables you to spread the cost of a new motor, making it much more affordable to whizz around in the latest models. When you apply for an agreement with firms like Oxford Finance, they will check your credit rating. These checks are designed to make sure that you can afford the repayments. Make sure you have a realistic budget in mind when you’re shopping for a new auto. You may have your heart set on a sleek supercar. But if you can’t afford to fill it up or take it out, there’s no point in having it.


Are you looking to trade in an old faithful for a younger model? If so, a part exchange deal may be the way forward. When you part-exchange, the value of your current vehicle is deducted from the purchase price. There may also be room for manoeuvre when it comes to negotiating a deal. Channel your inner Apprentice candidate, and see if you can save yourself a few bucks.


Are you keen to improve the aesthetic of your vehicle without selling up? If so, modifications may be an option. You could consider adding alloys, or fitting an eye-catching spoiler? You don’t have to go all Pimp My Ride on it, but a few changes could make all the difference. Check out some auto magazines for ideas.

For many of us, getting a new car is pretty exciting. The bad news is that doesn’t come cheap. If you’re in the market for a new ride, there are various options open to you. Buying second-hand is usually a great way of saving money on nearly new models. If you’re one of those drivers who gets bored easily, finance is an excellent option. You can take out a deal on a car and replace it with a newer vehicle on a regular basis. If you’re loyal to a fault, modifications may be an alternative to selling.

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