Thursday 30 November 2023

Signs you might love your car too much

We love our cars; driving is our passion. But let’s be honest. Sometimes, we can be a little too much in love with our prized motors, and if you don’t know what we’re talking about, consider the following signs. Do any of them relate to you?

Your car has a nickname

Every car has a name, of course, but these are usually limited to Ford Fiesta or Vauxhall Corsa, rather than anything too personal.

But if you have given your car its own nickname, perhaps adding it to car decals or a personalised number plate, and refer to that name in conversation (when people are otherwise assuming you are talking about your wife), then you are clearly more than a little bit in love with her… we mean ‘it’!

You spend more on your car than your house

Is your house in need of a fresh lick of paint and some extra decor? If it’s looking neglected, it might be because you have given your car the priority with your makeovers. From a new paint job to bigger alloy wheels, you have probably spent more time modifying your car because…well, let’s face it, that’s where you spend most of your time!

Saturday is car day

For some people, Saturday is the day for me-time, an opportunity to relax during downtime from work. For others, it’s time for the family, perhaps with a day trip or a walk in the park. For you, it might be car day, the day when you spend time lovingly washing and waxing your car until it shines brighter than the sun.

It’s the day when you vacuum every inch of your car until there’s not a scrap of dust left. It’s the day when you spend time with the thing you love the most, and while you might eventually take the family out for a spin, it’s only after the next point has been adhered to.

You have strict passenger rules

If you love your car that much, it’s a wonder that you let anybody else into it anyway. But if you allow others the privilege, you probably have a vast array of rules.

No sweets, no drinks, no muddy boots, no fingerprints, no talking… and many many more. And should they dare suggest their own music choices? Well, it’s your way or a walk along for highway for your poor family and friends!

Your Facebook Wall gives away your love

Here’s a picture of your new alloy wheels. And there’s a picture of your seat covers. There are pictures of your car from every angle. And there’s a gazillion pictures of your car in your holiday snaps.

There’s a probably a picture of your family sneaking into shot too, but don’t worry, you can probably photoshop them out later! You have probably posted statuses along the lines of “here’s me and Bessie enjoying the beach’ too, only Bessie, of course, is the name of your car and not your sun-bronzed wife!

Do any of the above traits sound familiar? If so, you really do love your car! We hope you and Bessie, or whatever her name is, have a very happy life together!

** This is a collaborative post

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