Thursday 18 April 2024

Pros and cons of flying cars – should we take to the skies?

When asked what the future looks like, many people envisage tall skyscrapers and flying cars right? Kind of like a reality episode of The Jetsons. It’s funny how if you actually think about it, we’re not that far off that reality being true.

We live in a world full of skyscrapers, unbelievable technology, medicine that’s surpassed everyone’s expectations, and yet all we are missing is flying cars – or are we?

Okay, so maybe we don’t have flying cars on the way, but we’re sure you’ll be excited to hear that soon, you could indeed be flying individually to get from A to B. Isn’t that cool?

Cranfield Aerospace have teamed up with Rolls Royce and Aston Martin to make this vision a reality and quite frankly, it’s breathtakingly beautiful. While it’s still a concept, the idea of being in your own little flying machine is enough to excite even those who aren’t interested in motors.

That being said, it sparks a lot of questions and today, we’re doing a pros and cons of individually taking to the skies to see whether it’s really a good idea or not. Check it out:

  • It’s a new step in technology that honestly, seemed impossible.
  • It could reduce traffic on the roads as some people will now be using the air to travel.
  • Imagine how cool you’ll look sporting a Volante Vision?
  • Commuting times could possibly be reduced. People spend on average an hour commuting to work each day. With air travel, the opportunity to get there faster is something that’s going to appeal to many commuters.
  • They are thought to be a hybrid electric machine, meaning less pollution to the earth.
  • Can we trust people to fly what are, essentially planes? They say that you’re more likely to have a car crash than a plane crash, so will this statistic change?
  • Some might argue that seeing flying machines in the air may ruin views of towns and cities.
  • At present, the concept is only fit for one person. This means that families are excluded from the target audience. However, who’s to say the idea of a family concept is out of the window?

As you can see, there are some good points for both pros and cons. However, if you think back to when cars were invented, there were many sceptical people who thought that people driving cars would be the worst thing in the world.

Yet here we are, using our cars like they’ve always been around. So, who is to say that when we can finally take to the skies in a more personal way, that it won’t work out just like cars did?

All we know is that the idea of progressing further with technology and to our ideas of the future is extremely exciting. What do you think?

** This is a collaborative post

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