Inexpensive ways to upgrade the aesthetics of your vehicle

It’s common knowledge that go-faster stripes (and certainly flame decals) will help your car reach higher speeds more quickly. But when hoping to upgrade the aesthetics of our vehicle, many of us can be at a loss.

Sure you can replace entire bodykits, add spoilers or replace the bonnet with carbon fibre. You could even replicate a famous movie car, provided you have the same model. But for the most part, the aesthetic upgrades we wish for are more rational.

But is it possible to upgrade your vehicle’s aesthetic in an inexpensive manner?

Of course, you could say that a car wash would meet all of those demands. It’s hard to disagree. However, there are many other ways to improve your vehicle’s aesthetics. So you must considering those that could make a real difference to your car. Deciding what they are can actually be a fun journey.

With that in mind, consider our advised options:

Alloy wheels & tyres

The alloy wheel set and tires you use can also influence your vehicle’s aesthetic in more ways than just one. It’s important to ensure that any marks, dents or stains are buffed out, and that you can also find the right aesthetic for you.

Of course, light up or spinner alloys are likely not fit for purpose if this is a vehicle you just wish to use in your personal life, but a little added flair could go a long way in helping you match your overall aesthetic ideal for your vehicle.


Upgrading the internal materials, such as suede chairs, or having more legroom created by taking a seat out, or perhaps something simple such as having the color of the seatbelts professionals and safely replaced can be important.

You’d be surprised just how much you can customize within your vehicle, but ensure that they never take a front seat where practicality and safety should be sitting. Even something minor such as a wheel cover, or the means in which you dress to drive (such as purposeful driving gloves) can make that difference.

Subtle effects

To one person, ‘subtle effects’ may mean a soft underglow illumination of their boy racer car. Not everyone will share that view. That’s not to say that you can’t enjoy the subtle effects that come with vehicle aesthetic improvement without going overboard.

Lightly tinting the windows, for example, can help your car look a little sleeker while also granting you privacy. Additionally, it could be that a grill decoration, or a slight bit of paintwork, or perhaps restoring the dashboard to a nicer material can help your car take on a new personality, something that can help you express yourself further on the roads.

With this advice, we hope you can improve your vehicle’s aesthetic with these inexpensive upgrades.

** This is a collaborative post

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