Take the stress out of learning to drive

So your child has reached the age when they are ready to embark on a road to independence; learning to drive and having their own car.

You might have encouraged them to have a part time job to pay for a vehicle and driving lessons, but deep inside you are worried.

You know that without experience the roads are dangerous, and you would like to keep them safe. Below you will find a few tips on how to take the stress out of learning to drive.

Talk them through the route

It might be a good idea to have them in the car whenever you are driving and tell them what you are doing. One way of learning is to observe.

You can comment on the decisions you are doing, and explain what they need to pay attention to.

This will make them more aware of the skills they will need to possess when they start driving themselves.

Practice hazard perception on the road

If there is one main reason why young drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident, it is because the part of the brain that sees danger is not fully developed until they are much older.

This is a challenge to overcome, but you can help your teenager understand the risks and when to take them by taking them through the hazards and asking them to spot dangerous situations on the road.

This will not only help them pass their driving test, but also take the worry away.

Find a specialist driving instructor

To give your child the best chance of becoming a safe driver, you will have to choose a driving instructor who specializes in teenager training.

You might want to have a look at the profile of the company and the instructors. Check out Dagenham and see what packages are available in your area, so you can take advantage of quality support and training for your child.

Get them to drive you around

If you would like to help your teen with their first car, you will need to show them that you are there for them.

They might be just as nervous about getting in the car and driving away alone as you are, so why not take a few trips together first?

You can ask them to take you to places, drop you off at work, or just drive when you go visiting friends.

Young driver apps

After you are confident that your teen is as safe on the road as possible, you might want to start keeping an eye on them just in case they develop bad habits, you can use young driver apps.

There will be some cars that offer this connectivity, but others will not, so you should find a driver tracking app or black box that will keep you informed about the speed they are doing and the number of emergency stops they have to do.

Worrying about your child never stops. But when they are learning to drive, you can help them stay safe.

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