Wednesday 24 April 2024
Guest Post

GUEST – The technology that is changing the motor industry

Technology is changing the way in which we live. Smart watches and smart bracelets are monitoring our health and exercise regimes, dedicated apps are monitoring our food intake and our sleep cycles. Technology is making an impact on our daily lives and the automotive industry has taken notice. The next five years will see huge changes in the industry. By 2020 for example, it is expected that autonomous will be made available to the public; Google is already testing a driverless car with no pedals and no steering wheel.

It is predicted that we will also have driver override systems, biometric vehicle access, comprehensive vehicle tracking, active window displays, remote vehicle shutdown, active health monitoring and personalised in-car marketing. For more details about these fascinating changes, have a look at this infographic ‘The Future of Driving’, created by C R Allen & Sons below.

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