Never give up on a car you love

When you fall in love with a car, you really start to appreciate everything about it. Even if you thought you could never love a car, or anything about them other than the fact that they get you from A to B, as soon as you own one that you connect with, you have this deep love for it.

When you find a love for your car, it will most likely last you years and years, because you just won’t want to get rid of it. But there will come a time where things start going wrong, other cars start catching your eye, or perhaps your situations change, and you need a different style of car.

Well when any of these scenarios happen, we would urge you to never give up on the car that you love. There is always ways around the situations that you might be facing, and we think we know how to solve a few problems for you. So no matter what your situation, here’s why we think you should never give up on a motor you love, and how you can go about keeping it.

Repairing the damage

Most people give up on a car when it starts to show a lot of wear and tear, but there are so many little things that you can do, that should repair the damage, and restore your car to as good as it used to be.

The first thing that usually goes, are the alloys. Diamond cut alloy repair is just one thing you could think of, because repairing metal alloys isn’t as easy as rubbing some wax on and hoping it comes out.

Next is the fading paintwork, which can be repaired with a good waxing, especially if you get coloured wax to match the colour of your car. It will be days worth of work if you do it properly, but once it’s done your car will look as good as new.

Maintaining the interior is super important as well, and there are companies out there who you can contact that will get rid of stains, burn marks, rips, and anything else you can think of! The last focus would be the motorised parts, but there are YouTube tutorials on nearly ever car that you could follow, that would maintain it do a perfect condition.

Sentimental value

Sentimental value is one of the top reasons that you should keep the car. Think about how many hours you’ve spent driving it, how many locations you’ve been to, and how many emotions you’ve carried with that car.

If you were to sell it or scrap it, the memories would just float away with it. Plus, one the best things about sentimental value, is that it will most likely turn into real value further down the line.

Cars as they age into old school cars, do gain their value. But for a long while, it will go down and down in value, until it becomes something really old school that people want to invest in. But until then, you could just maintain the car and run it, and use it as your own little toy.

** This is a collaborative post

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