Tuesday 28 November 2023

Easy modifications to personalise your ride

Most people have a form of vehicle to get them from one place to another. It can often be seen as a difficult decision to make as you research manufacturers and model types to ensure you get the right vehicle for your needs. However, buying it is one thing, making it your own is an entirely different story.

It doesn’t have to stay as it came out of the factory, you can do what you want to it as long as you own it. Here are some of the modifications you could consider making to your vehicle to really pimp up your ride.

A private plate

One of the most common modifications people to make to a vehicle is the registration number, choosing to have personalised registrations put on to it instead of the standard one it will have been issued with. This could be to do with your name, your initials or anything as long ass it has been purchased from a recommended outlet. It is actually easier than you think to make this modification which is why it is the most popular thing to do.

A body kit

Maybe you could add a body kit to the vehicle where you can change the appearance of it. Bulked out bumpers and side skirts can help to give a vehicle a more sporty and “muscle” look to it, without the need to pay out the big price tag. This can include having a more environmentally friendly engine while still a having a vehicle that looks the part. However, if you do make these sorts of changes you may have to inform your insurance company of the added modifications.

Bigger alloy wheels

Perhaps you like the idea of adding bigger wheels to your car and this could be a great time way to make it look and feel the part. Larger alloys can really add to the visual effect of your vehicle, but they can also add to the drive as the suspension and feel of the ride will also change. Again you may have to let the insurance company know of this change.

Changing the body colour

Perhaps you love your vehicle and everything about it part from the colour. It is the ideal car for you but the colour just doesn’t do it. Then why not consider changing the body colour? This can be done buy professional paint shops and you could choose anything that you wanted. You will have to ensure that your registration document shows the colour change just so vehicles can be identified.

Adding stickers or getting it wrapped

Finally, adding stickers or getting the vehicle wrapped could also be another way to change the appearance of the vehicles. Stickers can be anything from stripes down the side and having it wrapped could mean adding a silver or metallic effect or going for a matte colour to the body.

Hopefully this has inspired you with some of the ways that you could pimp your ride.

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