Friday 14 June 2024

5 things to consider before buying a luxury car

Is it time you treated yourself to a luxury car? Such vehicles can be expensive, but there’s more to consider than the price tag. Here are just a few overlooked factors to consider when buying a luxury car that could help you to make the right purchase.


When checking performance stats, few buyers think check the reliability of a vehicle. There have been a few notorious luxury cars such as the Jaguar XF that have been cursed with faults. This could mean constant trips to the mechanics and costly repair bills.

Make sure to research into the reliability of the vehicle you’re planning on buying. You also only want to be buying from credible dealers such as these Aston Martin dealers. User reviews are your best source of information when checking a vehicle or dealership’s reliability.


It’s also worth considering the practicality of a vehicle and whether it suits your lifestyle. If you live in a city and most of your driving is in an urban environment, you may not want something large with angry acceleration.

Similarly, if you’ve got children and need something family-friendly, you don’t want to be buying a luxury car with limited passenger space. As much as it may look flashy and perform well on a drag race strip, it’s still got to meet your most basic needs first.

This may not matter if you’ve got another car for everyday use, but it your new luxury vehicle is also going to be your everyday vehicle, this dull practicality unfortunately matters.

Running costs

It’s worth also considering the various running costs such as fuel and insurance. Some luxury cars can be fuel guzzlers whilst others can be expensive to insure leading to large monthly costs.

Make sure that you can afford these running costs on top of the upfront costs. There are insurers out there that specialise in luxury cars – it’s worth comparing rates to see what different insurers are willing to offer.

Environmental impact

Fuel economy isn’t just important for your wallet but also for the planet. Consider whether you’re happy buying a car that burns through lots of fuel or whether you should look for something greener.

Nowadays there are plenty of diesel and hybrid luxury cars such as the Tesla Model S. These could be good choices for those looking for a green vehicle with luxury status.

Your future plans

You may want to consider your future plans in order to ensure that you’re going to get the most out of your luxury car. If you’re thinking of having kids soon, you may contemplate whether you really want something small and sporty that may not be practical in the future.

The depreciation value could also be worth taking into account if you plan to sell the car eventually. Some luxury cars can decrease in value quite rapidly, whilst others may keep their value. There are then classic luxury cars which may even rise in value in years to come.

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