Luxury small cars: the main players

The world of cars can often feel quite overwhelming. There are just so many different cars out there available to you that you don’t always know which one is the one for you. But, don’t let your mind get boggled by all of the choices. Instead, you should stick to your roots. If you love luxury cars, but you prefer to drive a small car, don’t be put off. Yes, the luxury market is most known for its show-stopping executive and sports cars, but they also do small cars that will wow too. If you’re not sure which to get, here are four of the hottest models to consider from Audi, MINI, BMW and Mercedes – four of the best in the luxury consumer car market.

Audi A1

Audi has long been trusted as a reliable car manufacturer. If you’re looking to become a car owner, then Audi gives you a lot of purchasing benefits, like their unlimited mileage two-year warranty. It’s also a safe little number too. You get six airbags, child seat mounting points, and even a specific system that monitors your tyre pressure too. In terms of what it’s like to drive, you will find that each style of A1, from the SE to Sport to S Line comes with varying tyres and varying suspension levels. And the interior? It’s comfortable, simple yet stylish, and comes with a lot of tech too.

MINI Cooper

MINI has long been known as the small car kinds. The MINI Cooper, in particular, is a world renowned classic. This little beauty is still as impressive today as some of the vintage beauties. Nowadays, you will find that the newer models are released as the MINI Hatchback for both buying and leasing. So if you want to own a classic Cooper, you may have to go vintage, unless the John Cooper Works appeals to you. But, for the latest Hatch, it’s still a stylish number and as elegant to drive as in the past. You’ll also find that it’s one of the more spacious small cars on the market.

BMW 1 Series

Then there’s also BMW to consider. The 1 Series has been a long running contender in the small car game since its release. If you love the BMW brand, you’re going to love their 1 Series as the features are similar, such as the rear wheel drive, powerful engine options, and stunning interiors. Likewise, you’ll find BMW lease deals for the 1 Series, and purchase options starting at a competitive rate. And if you want to catch up on performance before you seal the deal, it’s a smooth car to drive and has impressive suspension.

Mercedes A-Class

Finally, there’s also the Mercedes A-Class to consider too. Another premium hatchback and one of the smaller models that Mercedes offer, this car gives you the combination of easy driving and luxury styling. The infotainment is up to spec, the engine is underfoot to make more room inside, and it also handles well. Like many other options, you’ve got purchase and leasing plans to consider, as well as a lot of customisation considerations that can make this the car of your dreams.

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