Tuesday 21 May 2024

You’re fine… it’s the other drivers who are the problem

Oh, how enjoyable driving can be when it’s just us, our car, and the open road. And how enjoyable it might always be if someone we could make it so that all the other drivers would somehow disappear the second we started our engine. Alas, the reality that things can’t be this way is just a fact of life. Yet still, it’s somehow cathartic to think about all the ways in which other drivers are terrible, so that’s what we’re going to do. Enjoy…and try not to get road rage just by reading this.

Cutting you up

Where is everyone trying to get in such a hurry? You’d think that everyone was late for their wedding day, judging by the way people seem to be driving these days. The worst offenders of all the other drivers are the ones who use a ‘left turn only’ lane and then merge into the straight on lane, just to bypass all the cars which have been patiently waiting. The worst part of this is that, even if you beep your horn multiple times, it’s never satisfying. It’s just the way it is – they’ve gone, and all you can do is watch.

Right behind you

The people who cut you up to get ahead are annoying, but at least they’re out of your life pretty quickly. More annoying are the ones who sit right behind you for miles on end, because they’re unable to overtake. Unless you’re going below the speed limit (and don’t: that’s annoying too), then what are they hoping to achieve? All they’re doing is increasing the chances of a fender bender, distracting you from focusing on the road, and most likely getting themselves worked up at the same time. Give a little space, people!

Dangerous driving

If the two above examples are frustrating, then at least that’s usually where it ends; once you or they have turned off, that’s where it ends. Much worse are those people who see their vehicle as a toy, and the roads as a playground. Dangerous driving can result in a car accident injury, which can be very severe; indeed, they can transform a person’s life – not for the better – and for what? They’re a menace to themselves, pedestrians, and other cars on the road, and there’s just no point to it whatsoever.

Inconsiderate behavior

Those troublesome drivers don’t just spread their misery over the streets, either. They’re full of inconsiderate actions! The most annoying might be those drivers who intentionally park their vehicle over two parking spaces, just so that they don’t have to run the risk of having their vehicle hit by another car. The problem with this approach is that there’s always other drivers out there who are willing to cause some light damage to the vehicle – say, throwing a roll of toilet paper over it. And then there are the car drivers who, when they spot their friend, stop and have a chat in the middle of the street! OK, that’s enough for today…

** This is a collaborative post

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