Thursday 18 July 2024

CitNow video expands dealership reach

A car buyer from Singapore has purchased a 1992 Porsche 911 RS from a dealership in Oxfordshire after the seller used CitNow video technology to save him travelling the 10,000km distance.

Steve Rogers, co-founder of prestige car retailer Maundrell, followed up the initial enquiry with a personalised video presentation. On receiving the video, the buyer decided to bite the bullet and despite never seeing the car in person, owing to the level of detail captured in the short clip.

Using CitNOW video technology, Maundrell has embraced the era of digital car buying, bridging the distance between rare cars and potential customers.

And it’s not a one-off either, since introducing the use of video presentations in 2016, the dealership has secured a steady stream of buyers who purchase on the basis of video alone.

CitNOW launched its personalised video technology to make buying and maintaining a car more transparent and convenient for motorists, car dealers and workshops alike. Last year, over 7.5 million videos were sent to motorists worldwide.

Maundrell adopted CitNOW video to give its remote customer base a more visual experience during the enquiry process, and has used video to build meaningful conversations which are both personal and convenient.

Steve Rogers, Co-Founder of Maundrell said: “Technology is constantly evolving to empower buyers from all walks of life, and what we’ve seen from this latest prestige customer is how important this is becoming to the car buying process.

“Despite living on another continent and a 12-hour flight away, a customer has still managed to make an informed buying decision through the application of next-gen video to the purchasing journey. This can only be good news for discerning car buyers who are pushed for time.

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