Friday 14 June 2024

BMW: luxury motoring that may just be more afforable than you think

For a lot of people, buying a car is a way to paint a social picture. Just like you dress for the job you want, you buy the best car you can afford the lifestyle you dream of. Needless to say, a significant proportion of drivers would rather buy a luxury car than a simple SUV. Except that luxury cars come at a high price, and not everybody can afford a Ferrari, an iconic E-type Jaguar or even a Lamborghini. But not every luxury car has to cost an arm and a leg.

In fact, you can create an image of luxurious and quality lifestyle without needing to break the bank. As per definition, luxury relates to a situation in which you have access to excessive comfort, facilities and additional features that make your journey more enjoyable and relaxing. After all, all things considered a car has a purpose to fulfil, which is to take you to A to B. A luxury car can add power, speed, comfort, safety and style to this journey. So which is your best option when it comes to picking a luxury car that you can buy without going bankrupt? You should choose a BMW and here’s why:

One of the most expensive cars to maintain

BMW have notoriously a bad rep when it comes to basic car maintenance. Not all German car manufacturers are very expensive to run, but BMW and Mercedes-Benz are on top of the list of high maintenance bills. While the claim that BMWs are among the cheapest German cars to maintain has been made very often in relation to advertising messages, according to data about the 328i, the car could cost over $15,6000 in maintenance invoices over the course of 10 years. That is by far one of the most expensive vehicle to look after.

Is the BMW really that expensive to maintain?

However, it’s highly likely that this speculation is not entirely correct. How so? Because the car is part of a specific maintenance program that offers only the minimum service so that the car can get through the Certified Pre-Owned period. In reality, if you work with a professional repair center that provides BMW service you can make sure to go over and above what the manufacturer recommends in terms of maintenance and avoid a lot of expensive issues. For instance, BMW claims a lifetime fill on their automatic transmission, which can result in a costly repair at around 100K miles. Other manufacturers put a drain plug and change the fluid at around 50K miles.

It’s a valuable luxury car

In the end, it’s important to understand that a luxury brand makes you pay for the brand name, the material quality, the handling and the ride. But within the luxury scale, a Lamborghini and a BMW, for instance, are like comparing apples and pears. The German manufacturer presents a luxury car that offers the best of a ride’s features at the best price. Additionally, the German make has a slow depreciation process, making it a luxury car of high value for the best price in comparison.

In conclusion, despite its high price, the BMW remains a high-value car that is very affordable if you’re after a luxury car that will make the best of impressions. Don’t be fooled by its high maintenance costs. In fact, learn to go beyond what the manufacturer recommends to keep your car in top condition for less.

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