Friday 14 June 2024

Don’t make these mistakes with your car security

For many of you drivers, your car is your baby. Not only is it the tool that gets you where you need to be each day, but it also cost you a hell of a lot! So it almost goes without saying that you need to protect it. But are you doing all the right things with car security?

It’s easy for drivers- especially new ones- to fumble when it comes to car security. You’d be surprised at some of the common mistakes people make. Plus, car thieves are using new technology to break into vehicles, so keep ahead of them! Here are some mistakes you need to avoid if you want to keep your car safe and sound!

Don’t leave it in the dark

When you’re out driving late, you need to consider where you park your car. Some people get the idea that they should leave their car in a dark, deserted street so people don’t notice it. Don’t. It’s the worst thing you can do.

Thieves pounce on cars left in dark areas with no one around. It gives them a chance to break in and take your car without anyone seeing. It’s a common cause of car theft. Particularly for those who need to park their vehicle on the street at night.

The best approach? Leave it somewhere where it can be seen! Nearby surveillance cameras are your best friend when parking your car at night. Areas with street lights are also helpful. If you have a garage, then you should make use of it- or at least put up a motion-activated light outside. When you’re out and about, using car parks instead of parking on the street might be a better option. It’ll cost you, but it’s less expensive than dealing with a stolen car! Sites like Parkopedia can help you find parking spaces.

Be careful with your keys

Sometimes too much emphasis on security can be a mistake. People often forget where they put their car keys because they were trying to keep them safe! Those with self-locking cars can also have problems. It may seem like a great security measure until you leave your keys in your vehicle and get locked out.

If you manage to lock yourself out, then you’ll need to find a locksmith. Services like Lock, Stock and Farrell Locksmith can bail you out of these unfortunate mistakes. Make sure you use a reputable company with good reviews.

You should also be careful with your spare keys. You may be tempted to give them to a friend or family member, but it’s not worth bothering if they don’t look after them.

Don’t leave valuables inside

There’s a lot of cool gadgets that help you in the car these days. People love to bring along GPS devices and MP3 players on every ride. But as useful as they are, don’t leave them inside your car when you’re away!

If thieves spot valuables inside your car, they’ll be drawn to them like moths to a flame. Some people lock up their valuables in their glove box. But it’s a better idea to remove them completely- especially at night.

Don’t leave anything valuable in your boot, either! Some people might get the wise idea to hide their kid’s Christmas presents in the back of their car. But it won’t seem so smart if someone cracks it open while you’re away. And never leave your smartphone inside, either!

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