Thursday 30 May 2024

Make your car more comfortable to drive with these simple steps

Here’s a bit of reality for you, cars aren’t always comfortable to drive. Cars can be a bit like wearing shoes, they seem fine when you take them for a spin around the store, but once you get them home and start to break them in – you might find that they’re not as comfortable as you first thought. The good news is that there are some things you can do to make your ride more comfortable, so take a look at these easy upgrades to help make driving a breeze.

Adjust your driving posture

If you find that your back is in pieces after driving, particularly when making long-distance journeys – it could be you and not your car to blame. In the same way you would adjust your office desk chair, you should also make sure you adjust your driver seat to make it comfortable for driving. Doing so will not only ensure that your posture is correct, but will also help boost your concentration and make you a safer driver.

Make sure your air conditioning is in working order

Travelling in a car with broken air conditioning is like travelling in a portable microwave. The heat and subsequent sweating can be unbearable, while the feeling of sweating against your plush leather seats will leave your skin sore and sticky – not exactly the definition of travelling in style. Get your air conditioning serviced by a reputable mechanic like, as soon as you start to feel the effects. You and your car will feel much better for it.


Ever heard the saying, “tidy house, tidy mind?” Well, the same goes for your car. A car that is free from clutter will provide far fewer distractions and also make for a more comfortable drive. There’ll be no need to worry about debris falling off your dashboard or the backseat, and your car will be more comfortable for passengers too.

Eliminate the problems causing you discomfort

Even the smallest of niggles can make driving a pain – so do something about them. If there’s a pesky draft (something you’ll want to eliminate to winter-proof your car), then adjust your air vents. If your seat lacks padding and support, get some new seating. Conduct a thorough self-assessment of the things that bother you while driving and take steps to improve them.

Don’t ignore strange noises

It may be tempting to cover up the sound of a rattling engine or squeaky window wipers with the stereo, but doing so won’t make the underlying problem go away. There are some car noises you shouldn’t ignore (see, so make sure you take your car to the auto shop to get them checked out.

You shouldn’t have to settle for driving an uncomfortable car. Instead of putting up with the aches, pain, and misery of driving an awkward car, treat yourself to a better ride and get those upgrades and repairs you deserve. Make driving fun again by making your car more comfortable to drive.

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