Friday 14 June 2024

Clueless about cars? Who should you ask for advice?

Put your hand up if you know nothing about cars? You’re not alone. Cars and mechanics are a complex thing that unless you’ve been forced to find out, it’s your job or you’re just really interested in cars. Fear of the unknown makes it embarrassing to ask questions or get advice, but there’ll always be someone to help you not. Fear no more and get the answers you need about cars from the right people.


Friends are your own knights of the roundtable, and like the contestants on Mastermind, they all have their own special subjects. The odds are that one of them will know a thing or two about cars. If you know someone who’s always switching cars or a friend that likes to build/repair cars on the side, start with them. If you need repairs or work done, at the very least your friends will be able to recommend someone who’s helped them out in the past or be able to tell you who to avoid.


Your parents have been dealing with cars since their earlier days when in-car computers were just a dream, and the only music you could play was on the radio. This means it’s likely they will have had a few car issues in their time that they’ve either seen to themselves or got help for from someone. Our parents are always there for us when we need them, and car trouble certainly qualifies for some useful parental advice. They may even give you a handout for repairs if you ask nicely…

The internet

Of course, if you’re too embarrassed to ask for advice from a real person, you can always consult the internet. Like health encyclopedias or symptom checkers, you can diagnose many car issues online as well as get advice on buying a new car. Google is of course a great resource for asking those random questions you’re too scared to ask out loud. Whether you need to know basics such as how to change a tyre, who the best diesel mechanic is or you need to check for oil – you’ll get many of the answers you need just by doing a quick search.

Car magazines

If you really want to learn more about cars, you could always subscribe to a car magazine (or perhaps flick through one the next time you’re at the doctor’s…). Old editions of Top Gear magazine and other less hard core car magazine can be full of useful information in terms you can understand if you want to brush up on your car knowledge.

Even if you feel useless when it comes to cars, there is a lot of helpful advice out there to you to help you out. There is some practical information on buying a new car available to you if you need it that will make the process much less stressful. Remember, if you don’t know the answer to a car problem or question, someone else will, and if all else fails, Google is your best friend.

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