Friday 14 June 2024

Staying safe on the roads

It’s extremely important when driving, that you are sensible on the road. Your health and safety is forever at risk and needs to be looked after properly to ensure you have a smooth ride to your destination.

The obvious safety precaution is to wear a seat belt. Yearly, over 15 000 lives are saved by seat belt use and experts say that injuries are reduced by up to 50%. However, not everyone feels the need for them. Maybe they’re not seen as cool or too much hassle. If this is the case, what responsibility are you setting to others and to your children? You’re risking many lives with your carefree attitude. You should also always stick to speed limits. Yes, you’ve seen the signs. They’re talking to you too you know? By adhering to these signs, you will keep yourself from causing an accident or even worse a death. By even just going over the limit a tiny bit, you are at severe risk of losing your family, your career and your freedom.

Even the tiniest bump and bash can cause you or your fellow driver some harm. Whether it be whiplash, a back problem or something else, it’s always best to trade numbers and pass on your insurance details. If there are any doubts, you can hire a car accident attorney like and have a free consultation with them. Professional advice is always encouraged especially if you are a first time driver. Car insurance is another element of your game that needs to be tight and secure. This will help you greatly if you are involved in a collision and need to pay out. In this case, this won’t affect your personal finances, it will just come out of your insurance pay. It’s better to be safe than sorry isn’t it? Your insurance might include other benefits like a 24 hour hotline and a replacement car option; if unfortunately yours is written off.

By all means, listen to music as you drive. In fact it is strongly encouraged. It makes the journey seem that little bit quicker and a lot more enjoyable. It can also relieve stress and wake you up and being a stressful, tired driver is definitely not what you should be! More accidents happen on the road when this is the case. Music, however should not be altered with during the drive. Think of the accidents you could cause when your eyes are off the road. That’s why we have shuffle on your iPod, so that each song is different. Use it wisely. Or instead listen to the radio for a wide variety of songs as well as chat, which will seem like there’s someone in the car alongside you.

Staying safe in your car is a necessity. It prevents a lot of accidents so you can get from A to B in a smooth, carefree way. By following the above, it could save you a lot of hassle later down the line. Here’s to a safe, happy driver!

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