Save yourself from these easy-to-miss automotive pitfalls

As a driver, there are so many things to remember. Most countries require insurance, taxes, and even regular car checks to be made. This makes it easy to miss the little things, especially when buying a car. To help you out, this post will go through some of the silly mistakes a lot of drivers make, without even realising.

Spare keys

When you buy a car, even if it’s new, sometimes you’ll only get given one key. Obviously, this is a little risky. If you lose the key, you can’t use the car at all. In most cases, a car should have a counterpart key. So, when you first buy a car, you should always request the spare. Sometimes, though, you can’t always get your hands on the original copy. In this case, it’s worth using a car key replacement company to have a new one made. You should always look for companies that are licensed by your car’s manufacturer. Otherwise, the key you buy could be made from non-standard parts that could fail over time. These services can help you in a pinch, too. If you lock your keys in the car or lose them somewhere else, you can have a key made roadside. Obviously, these services cost a little bit of money. But, they can offer the products to reflect that. You can even have your radio control key replaced and fully programmed for your car.


Unfortunately, in most places, cars haven’t quite caught up with the tech world. So, a lot of the information you need about your car is on paper. Most of these documents can never be replaced, and some of them can even affect the value of your car. For instance, if your car has been serviced ten times, but you don’t have the document to prove it, you’ll find it much harder to sell your car. Even small things, like the instruction manual, can come in handy. Whenever you buy a car, you should check that it has all of the required documentation. In most places, you can use an online service to make sure that the documentation is accurate. You can also check if a car has been reported stolen, which is pretty neat.

Legal cover

When it comes to traffic accidents, it can be easy for arguments to erupt. Soon, those arguments can become court cases, and you’ll need some help. A lot of insurance policies will include legal cover, but a lot also ignore it. When you insure your car, you should go for the insurance that offers the most protection in all areas, for the best price. Not necessarily the cheapest option. Spending a little extra at the start of the car’s life can save you a massive amount of stress in the future.

Most countries governments will give out free advice to help car owners tick all of the little boxes. But, it’s always worth doing research for yourself, as well. These little things are easy to forget, but the problems they can cause are hard to solve.

** This is a collaborative post

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