Watch out for these motoring money traps

Every car driver is aware of fuel cost fluctuations. In fact, when your commuting journey becomes more expensive from a week to the other, it’s difficult to ignore the impact of that such a small cost can have on your budget.

However, when it comes to keeping your car-related expenses down, many drivers are guilty of committing expensive mistakes. In fact, every year, more and more drivers struggle with the consequences of these four automobile money traps.

1. Saving on your insurance cover at your own risks

Car insurance covers don’t come for free and depending on your driving history, your vehicle, and your location, you can face high insurance costs. As a result, it’s not uncommon for drivers to modify their cover package to get a cheaper option.

For instance, a comprehensive insurance package could be reduced to third party insurance which doesn’t cover damages to your car if you’re responsible for an accident. It doesn’t include any injury you might endure as a result of a crash. Additionally, there is no cover for a stolen car either. Consequently, this is a costly move that may not save you any money in the long term.

Instead, you should shop around with insurers that offer additional discounts, such as Safe Auto, for instance, that gives a discount to every new customer. It’s worth asking for a quote from other companies to compare.

2. Not knowing how to maintain the car

Each vehicle has a depreciating rate that reflects on the speed at which it loses its value. But the rate doesn’t take into account maintenance issues that can affect the performance of the car and increase repair costs.

As a car owner, you can’t afford not to know how your vehicle works. While you don’t have to do everything by yourself, you can get to know how to check engine and brake fluids, check and change a tyre and get your brake pads under control. In the long term, this can keep your repair costs low.

3. Thinking the drive-through can save you time and money

So, you’re on a long journey, and you don’t really feel like stopping, but you’re hungry? The drive-through might seem like the perfect solution to your problem.

There is no regulation that can stop you from eating behind the wheel. However, you can be fined if this affects the way you drive. Additionally, as an accident can happen so quickly on the road, it’s never a good idea to juggle food, driver’s fatigue and long journeys.

4. Your LED headlights can cause an accident

Stylish LED headlights have been hitting the road for a few years now. They have a much longer lifetime in comparison to halogen, which makes them an excellent choice for drivers. However, if you don’t find bulbs from reputable sellers, your headlights might put other drivers at risk by being too bright.

Additionally, if you’re switching from traditional lights to LED, you need to use an HID conversion kit to ensure that your new headlights are pointing in the appropriate direction. If your headlights lead to an accident because they are too bright, you can, unfortunately, be held responsible.

From poor decisions to save on your insurance costs to choosing headlights that can be dangerous is not set up correctly, there are many curious costly mistakes drivers can make. Be safe is not enough on the road. You need to be cost-savvy without putting other vehicles or yourself at risk.

** This is a collaborative post

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