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Want to buy your first car but need help deciding?

After months of hard work and practice, you’ve finally got your driving licence. Now all you need to do is find your first car, and you’ll be ready to hit the open road. Many new drivers want a car that looks stylish and is fun to drive. But when you buy your first car you need to consider more than just the colour and style. The price, safety, and practicality of a vehicle all need to be taken into account. As well as factoring in the costs of insurance, fuel, and maintenance. There’s a lot to think about, especially if your knowledge of cars is limited. This combined with the wide selection of cars being sold can make finding your first car seem impossible.

If you’ve been left feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choice on offer and are unsure what you should be looking for, help is at hand. This guide includes some of the best cars available for first-time buyers to assist you in making the best decision possible.

Mini Hatchback

If you have a larger budget to spend, why not treat yourself to a car that really makes a statement. The Mini Hatchback is a top quality car with spacious interiors, a powerful engine and of course an iconic look. It’s also a fun can to drive around in, which is a top priority for most new drivers. It’s precise steering make it a brilliant option for those who are just getting used to being on the roads. Plus it’s engines are also energy efficient meaning you can save money on running costs. The Mini Hatchback can be personalised to suit your personal style and preferences. More advanced technology has also been added, making it more up to date and safer than ever before.

Unfortunately, despite its many benefits, the Mini Hatchback also has some negative qualities. The boot is one of the smallest in comparison to similar sized models and it’s rear seating is also limited. It’s also ranked low regarding reliability and rideability, which is surprising as many of its parts are shared with car giant BMW. Despite this, the Mini Hatchback continues to do well in terms of sales. If you’re more interested in style than practicality, this could be the best first car for you. For further information on buying a Mini Hatchback, visit a Mini retailer.

Toyota Aygo

The stylish Toyota Aygo is a fantastic choice for a first car for a number of reasons. It’s been found to have smaller running costs compared with other vehicles of a similar type. This is due to it’s lightweight design and its small but efficient engine. Obviously, this is very appealing to new drivers who want to keep costs as low as possible. The Aygo is an excellent car for driving in busy city centres and also rates high in reliability. Toyota are so confident in their Aygo that they offer an extended warranty on anti-corrosion and faults. In terms of safety, all Aygo’s have anti-lock brakes, tyre pressure monitors, and four airbags. As new drivers are more likely to have accidents, this too is a big positive.

The Aygo is a car that is designed with young drivers in mind. It’s trendy exterior makes a bold statement while also looking enjoyable to drive. Toyota have also includes features which can be personalised and smartphone infotainment systems. This gives the Aygo a modern edge on it’s competitors and makes the car more suitable for the driver. Some models also include reversing camera capabilities, leather interiors, and keyless entry. But these are found in the higher spec models which understandably are in a higher prices bracket

Even though it has been improved, The Aygo still has limited space within its rear seating space and in its boot. If you enjoy going on weekend breaks with friends or regular shopping sprees, the lack of space may be an issue. If the Toyota Aygo sounds appealing, visit Inchcape Toyota to find out more.

Skoda Citigo

If you’re looking for a first car that’s cheap to buy and even cheaper to run, look no further than the Skoda Citigo. It’s high quality but low price points are perfect for first time buyers with a strict budget. It’s also energy efficient with it’s GreenTech engine and offers low premiums on insurance. It’s boxy appearance may not make it the most beautiful car around. But the Citigo makes us for this with it’s amazing safety features, practicality and reliability.

It’s compact size make it ideal for quick and easy parking as well as agile drives through busy locations. It’s also been found to perform well on the motorway, despite only having a small one litre engine. Despite it’s small exterior, it’s interiors feel spacious and can easily cater to four passengers. This is ideal if you intend on transporting friends and family regularly.

There are only a few minor downfalls when it comes to this nifty little car. Even though the small engine makes the Citigo exempt from road tax charges, it’s limited speed isn’t ideal for long car rides. So if you had plans to go on an extensive road trip in your first car, this may not be the one for you. It’s cheapest model doesn’t contain a lot of features which many drivers deem essential like electric windows. But overall there is no denying that this is a fantastic offering for first time car buyers. If you think the Skoda Citigo may the be perfect first car for you, visit a Skoda retailer for quotes and further details.

Each of these vehicles have been commended by experts for being ideal for new drivers. So why not take one or two of them out for a test drive at a local dealership. This will make it easier to compare the different makes and to weigh up the pros and cons of each. You should also ensure that your finances are in order before committing to a purchase. For further details on any of the cars featured in this guide, visit their respective manufacturers websites.

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