Don’t believe these ‘affordable car’ myths

You’re an open-minded person, yet when it comes to affordable cars and vans, you turn into a cynic. It’s not hard to tell why – the motor industry isn’t open and transparent. What appears to be an excellent deal on the surface is often not as good when you delve into the details.

Your mistrust is just a healthy way to prevent a smooth sales rep from pulling the wool over your eyes. It’s that simple. Unfortunately, it’s also the main reason you don’t pull the trigger on legitimate bargains.

Believing the hype about moderately priced vehicles means investing in the myths. The following will help you to spot a great deal and feel confident that you won’t get ripped off.

You have no backup once the ink is dry

Signing on the dotted line isn’t something you should do willingly unless you understand the risks. Of course, this applies to all vehicles, whether they are cheap or expensive. The key is to include a safety net that will enable you to keep the maintenance fees low should issues occur.

A warranty is a fantastic way to negate the most pervasive problems in low cost vans and cars because the seller picks up the cheque. Your job is to negotiate a comprehensive guarantee with the price.

Cash is king

The affordable nature of the cars and vans on offer means you have the opportunity to pay in cash. As long as it’s only a couple of grand, it isn’t hard to take the money out at the bank over the counter.

If anything, most buyers see it as the best payment method because it avoids unnecessary finance options and interest rates. However, a payment plan can be more suitable depending on your budget. After all, the monthly payments are small and you get the chance to sell it back after three to five years.

The internet is the only place for a deal

No, it isn’t. The internet is a brilliant place to start your search, and it provides excellent research material, but you shouldn’t use it exclusively for vehicle purchases. You’ll find that speaking to a salesperson in the flesh is usually an effective way to haggle over the price.

Also, their body language tells you a lot about the deal, allowing you to spot a bad deal from a mile away. Don’t dismiss websites out of hand – you need them to gauge industry prices – but don’t be afraid to travel to a dealership, either.

Here today, gone tomorrow

You can’t guarantee that a car is going to stick around. It depends on the demand and how many buyers are in the frame. But, you shouldn’t rush into anything because you assume it will sell quickly. You may find that the model is a popular one, which means they’ll have plenty more in stock in the not-too-distant future. When the time comes, you can ask for the same deal.

Why would they sell the same car for a different price two-weeks later? They will try, yet you shouldn’t accept their excuses.

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