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World’s fastest production estate available in the UK for 2018

With a top speed on the exciting side of 200 mph, the new ALPINA B5 Bi-Turbo Touring is expected to be the world’s fastest production estate, offering a unique combination of comfort, luxury and ultra-high performance. Available in the UK from £91,000 (Saloon £89,000), the B5 Bi-Turbo sets a new price point for entry to the 200 mph club.

“Our cars are for driving enthusiasts who value a blend off qualities that can only be delivered by immense attention to detail and a single-minded focus on one type of owner,” explains ALPINA GB’s Jonathan Noy. “ALPINA’s dynamics specialists have spent months honing the chassis, not hurling it around a race track but simply driving as customers would, on roads, enjoying every mile however fast or slow. The result is a pin-sharp driving experience combined with remarkable ride quality.”

A mountain of torque

The beating hearty of the BG Bi-Turbo is ALPINA’s substantially revised version of BMW’s N63TU2, 4.4 litre V8. At just 2,000 rpm, the ALPINA V8 is already generating 670 Nm of torque, which is remarkable for a petrol engine. Even more impressive is that this figure rises to a staggering 800 Nm from 3,000 – 5,000 rpm.

A new indirect intercooler system (air/water/air) further improves both power and responsiveness, with a main intercooler feeding the two large-volume, close-coupled intercoolers. “Managing heat is critical to ensuring consistent responses, low emissions and long-term durability,” Noy explains. “ALPINAs are designed to be driven very fast over long distances. These are practical supercars to enjoy every day.”

The eight-speed automatic transmission also receives additional cooling, alongside a host of modifications that include strengthened gear clusters and a larger torque converter. Ratios can be swapped in just one tenth of a second. The new 205 mph B5 Bi-Turbo Saloon will hit 60 mph in 3.4 seconds, with the Touring just 0.1 seconds behind.

Driving dynamics to enjoy

To harness all that power, the B5 Bi-Turbo comes, for the first time, with BMW’s xDRIVE four-wheel drive system. In order to deliver that traditional sporting drive, the system is configured such that up to 90 percent of the torque can be sent to the rear wheels. For even greater control and stability in difficult conditions, a mechanical limited slip differential, fully integrated with the traction control system, is available as an option.

Another first for an ALPINA B5 is Active Rear Steering, which enhances steering response by turning the rear wheels up to 2.5 degrees the opposite way to the front wheels at low speeds and the same way at higher speeds.

Despite the addition of four wheel drive and other complex new systems, the 2018 B5 Bi-Turbo is around 30 kg lighter than the previous generation car.

Bespoke front wishbones improve turn-in and steering feel, and are complemented by new ALPINA control software for the electric steering. Shorter, stiffer springs sharpen body control while adaptive dampers offer drivers a choice of settings including a new Comfort Plus mode. Touring models replace the rear coil spring with ALPINA-optimised air suspension to ensure a consistent ride height.

The exhaust system even has a choice of two driver-selectable, bass-focussed sounds, to provide the perfect soundtrack to your drive.

Luxurious, hand-crafted interiors

Inside, the new B5 Bi-Turbo can be specified with an almost limitless range of options and leather trims, individually-crafted in ALPINA’s saddlery. Soft Nappa leather comes as standard for the seats, whist the sports steering wheel is hand-finished in Lavalina leather – which feels luxurious but retains the hard rim preferred by skilled drivers- with blue and green signature stitching.

Unique ALPINA interior finishes include new Luxury Wood Walnut Nature, the rough cut surface of which is described by the manufacturer as ‘warm and modern at the same time’. The interior of each car is finished with a unique, numbered production plaque on the centre console.


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