Thursday 18 April 2024

Staying safe in winter with GAP insurance

It is no surprise that winter is a dangerous time for driving in the UK. It can be difficult to drive safely in the winter months due to the poor visibility, bad weather and slippery conditions, which is why it is vital that motorists are extra careful behind the wheel. A study showed that 70,000 more accidents occur in the winter months compared to the summer, with the average cost of repairs being £2,050 during this period.

Staying safe as a buyer

With road safety campaigns at their fullest, what can car buyers do to stay safe and protected? If you are purchasing a vehicle during the winter months, you should always consider the car that they are purchasing and ensure that it is in good working condition and roadworthy. In addition to this, motorists should always consider investing in GAP insurance.

GAP insurance

GAP insurance is a smart purchase no matter what time of year, but particularly during the winter months where the chance of being in an accident is higher (often this will not be your fault). If you were to get into an accident and the vehicle was written off by the insurance company, they would only pay out the current market value of the vehicle. Due to depreciation, this could be a huge financial hit as vehicles lose as much as 60% of their value after three years of ownership.

This pay out could leave you seriously out of pocket and unable to afford a replacement car or have to continue paying finance on a car that no longer exists. This does not have to be the case, however, as GAP insurance covers the shortfall between the insurance pay out and the amount outstanding on the automobile/what you originally paid for the vehicle. You should always buy this from a specialist and read the small print. This allows you to protect your investment and provides peace of mind.

A smart purchase

Some believe that this is an unnecessary form of insurance, but accidents occur all too often and especially throughout winter where driving conditions are difficult. Additionally, vehicles that are stolen and not recovered are deemed a total loss, so this type of insurance covers you for this too.

Winter is a dangerous time to be a motorist in the UK with the chance of being involved in an accident much higher than any other period. It is important to be careful during this time, with GAP insurance being a smart way to protect your investment.

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