Monday 24 June 2024

The time to embrace electric cars is nigh

Electric car technology and manufacture are really starting to hot up. Gas guzzlers are going out of fashion, and the nifty little electric cars are a vision of the future. When the technology started up, people were justifiably non-plussed. They couldn’t travel more than a few miles before the battery ran dry, and their top speed didn’t reach speeds that were motorway-appropriate until recent years. But, the future is nigh, and here are a few great reasons why.

They’re far more efficient

With the price of petrol that we are currently facing, it’s a whole lot cheaper to fill the car up on the grid than it is the fill it with liquified dinosaur bones. And if that isn’t incentive enough (those poor dinosaurs), their efficiency doesn’t deplete as the car gets older. That means that an electric car at five years old is running exactly the same as it did on its first day on this planet, assuming it’s well-maintained. The upshot of this is that a brand new electric car will not deplete in value like a good old petrol vehicle does. They also turn far more of the energy stored in the vehicle into actual power than petrol cars.

They’re better for the environment

When you consider how much rubbish a regular car pumps out into the environment, it’s not surprising that we feel guilty about our carbon footprint. Electric cars, however, have no exhaust pipe pollutants whatsoever. While the electricity generating process as power plant level is still dirty, moves towards a greener system are constantly progressing, and electricity generated from nuclear, hydro, solar, water, or wind plants are all carbon neutral after the point of construction.

They’re fuel independent

Within wanting to get too heavy, it’s important to note that the oil industry in this day and age is a complicated and politically volatile situation. A move towards more electric vehicles is a move towards fuel independence, and away from cartels and warlords. So when you put home electric car charging stations on the side of your house, you’re saying “I don’t want to be involved in the oil business”, but you’re also helping to decrease the dependence of your country on foreign oil trade, and bolster the support for your government’s electricity industry, which can only be a good thing.

Every car manufacturer is on it

When electric cars started production, they were viewed as gimmicky in an industry which was never built to last. Now, as technology as improved and more people are accepting the future, every major car manufacturer, from Mercedes to Nissan, has something in the design pipeline.

They’re a great ride

If you’re looking for a deep, growling ride, the electric car probably isn’t going to be for you. If, on the other hand, you want something quiet, nifty, smooth, and with a good little accelerator, you’re not going to be disappointed by an electric car.

People joked about electric cars for years. They became good for trade shows, and not much else. But the very fact that so many manufacturers are looking into their development should be proof enough that electric cars are our future, and that future isn’t very far off anymore.

** This is a collaborative post

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