Friday 14 June 2024

With a great classic car, comes great responsibility

Owning a classic car offers up a feeling like no other. It’s hard to put into words, but it’s satisfaction beyond belief; it’s like a morning stretch combined with popping bubble wrap while mastering the unicycle. Basically, it is amazing and satisfying and awesome. You have bought a classic car, a little piece of history, a rare glimpse at what life used to be like before it became so boring. What’s more, your car is only going to get rarer and rarer over time as other people crash there’s, or forget they stored one in a barn before falling prey to a sieve-like memory that accompanies old age.

However, with a great classic car comes great responsibility. It is your baby and, well, babies require looking after. As such, we have compiled a list of ways you can look after yours and stop it from aging as badly as Mickey Rourke.

Start it up all the time

Most experts say you should start up a classic car once a fortnight, but we think this should be an absolute minimum. Go with once a week. Why risk it. But don’t just start it up and then turn it off. Start it up, leave it running, let it get to running temperature, sit in it and enjoy it a bit, maybe smoke a nice cigar in their and imagine you are someone way cooler than you actually are, like Jack Nicholson, and then turn it off. That’s the minimum length you should go to. Preferably you should take it for a spin. What’s the point in owning an epic car if you don’t drive it. It’s like these wine collectors who spend $20,000 on a bottle of wine that they’re never going to drink. It’s insane.

Storage is key

We think storing your classic car is a waste of owning a classic car. However, we also admit that your classic car should only be used in spring and summer, and on those gorgeous days in winter where the sun is shining. As such, storing your car somewhere dry and safe is important. If your car is exposed to damp then you can be sure that the metal is going to start looking shabby. So either build a garage that is safer than batman’s lair, or get a dehumidifier in your current garage. The choice is yours.

The transporter

You’ve probably got the message by now; owning a classic car is a privilege. It’s a blessed lifestyle and a lifestyle is a terrible thing to waste. As such, you should be driving your car to its destination. However, if you are moving house, let’s say from one side of the country to the other – or if you have a second home seriously far away – then it is wise to employ a well-respected and safe national vehicle transport company. They’ll be able to transport your beloved beauty to wherever you want to go, and do so without risking the cars good health. This is important to you and everyone who you drive past for years to come.

** This is a collaborative post

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