Friday 14 June 2024

Don’t drink up to these DUI misconceptions

Very recently, Simply Motor brought you an article listing ways to make driving more enjoyable. If you read that article, then you know that “drinking” was not one of the listed ways. The fact is that very few people are going to find driving very enjoyable if they’re doing it drunk. Maybe they’ll feel like a badass for a little bit. But more often than not, they’ll just end up horrendously injured or being escorted to prison.

Which should scare people off of the activity for good, right? But the truth is that more people go around driving under the influence than you may think. Seriously, the statistics here are pretty alarming. You can read them over at

So it seems that a lot of people really don’t understand those dangers of driving under the influence. In fact, there are a lot of things people don’t understand about the whole thing. Let’s take a look at some of those misconceptions.

Breathalyzer tests are stupid and you can totally trick them really easily

So a breathalyzer checks the inside of your mouth for alcohol content, or something, right? So you can totally just flood your mouth with another substance and the breathalyzer won’t be able to detect the booze. Smoke a cigarette, use some mouthwash, eat some garlic, suck on some pennies… There are loads of tricks people have tried to use to trick breathalyzers.
I have some bad news for you. (Well, good news if you actually want drunk drivers to be caught.) A breathalyzer checks the air inside your lungs. Your tricks aren’t going to alter anything in there. Besides, do you know how much of a dork you’d look if you were sucking on pennies while you were driving around? If an officer sees you with pennies in your mouth, they’ll probably just assume right there and then that you’re drunk! Read more about these “lifehack urban myths” at

A DUI charge is always correct

If sobriety tests are foolproof, then a DUI charge must always be correct, right? Well, not exactly. Sobriety tests are not always 100% accurate. In fact, breathalyzer tests have quite the bad reputation in this area. And then there are the circumstances in which you were arrested. Did the police officer actually have the authority to perform the test? Did they have reasonable cause to suspect you of driving under the influence? There are loads of legal complexities here. If you need to speak to an attorney about your particular case, then find out more at

You can totally refuse to partake in sobriety tests

You know those really annoying “sovereign citizens” who think they’re above the law? Yeah, don’t be one of those guys. If a police officer has reason to believe you’re drinking under the influence, then you have to submit to a sobriety test. In many states, you can refuse to take a breathalyzer test. However, you will have to take a blood test the next day. And if you continue to refuse, you can be arrested and charged.

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