Wednesday 17 July 2024

The devil’s in the detail

So, it’s been a few months since you got your hands on a brand new Mercedes AMG, Porsche 911 or whatever other high-octane speed-machine you chose. Of course, you love your new car, but as the honeymoon period ends, you inevitably start noticing the little things that aren’t quite right. Whether it’s the colour or the noise it makes, the performance or the interior trim, these things are impossible to ignore. But how in the world can you solve this problem? You can’t just take the car back to the dealership and get a refund, to buy something else. You have to make do. Or do you?

The dawn of the Internet has opened up the doors for handy car owners to source specialist parts for their cars. In the past, you’d be limited to what you could find in your local garages or pay over the odds for parts from overseas. And even then, you’d never actually be guaranteed to get exactly what you want, which just swaps one compromise for another. Now, you can find hundreds of companies specialising in making parts for your car. Because these companies are so specialised, it means that the bulk of their product ranges allow the choice you need. And to make it even better, most of these companies will model their parts on the originals, and then test them on the car they’re designed for. This means that you can be confident that the parts you buy will fit your car perfectly.

That is all well and good, but what about the cost of all of this? The competitive nature of online business means that companies have to give you a fair price for parts. This helps them to keep their business growing. Along with this, most cosmetic car parts, such as body panels and trim, can be installed with minimal difficulty. And if you’re confident and up for a challenge, you may find it possible to upgrade more complex parts yourself. But if engineering isn’t your cup of tea, most garages will be happy to fit parts that you source, for only the cost of labour. You’re likely to pay more for parts sourced by your garage, and they’ll often charge a fee to find them for you. The savings you can make doing the leg work yourself can pay off down the line.

At this point, there’s an elephant in the room that must be addressed. Is it worth spending time researching, just to save money? Or the real question; how much work will I have to do to save that money..? Don’t worry, thanks to search engines like Google; you don’t even have to do research. You can access hundreds of different AMG performance parts, Porsche parts, BMW parts and pretty much any part for any car you could imagine.

And if you decide to fit parts yourself, you can find an almost infinite amount of online resources to help you.

** This is a collaborative post

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