Thursday 13 June 2024

The worst drivers on the road…

If you’ve been driving for a long time, then you’ll notice a few characters on the roads. There are people out there that make driving a living hell. Below, you’ll find the four most annoying drivers on the roads today:

The overly cautious drivers

Now, we all know that speed limits are there for a reason. We’re supposed to stick to them, but we rarely do. Why? Because we want to go a little faster and save some time. However, there are some people on the roads that take things to the extreme. They don’t just follow speed limits; they drive under them! If you’re ever stuck in a long line of traffic, it’s probably because there’s an overly cautious driver at the front, slowing everyone down. I’m all for safety on the roads, but I’ve seen snails move faster than these drivers.

The text and drivers

People who text and drive are without a doubt some of the most annoying people out there. Have you ever been stuck behind one at a set of lights? You’re sat waiting for an extra minute or two when the light goes green because the driver in front is finishing a quick text. It can be so frustrating to get caught behind a text and driver. Plus, they’re dangerous too. There’s a reason these drivers get auto accident injury lawsuit attorneys licking their lips. They cause loads of crashes on the roads because they can’t take their eyes away from their phone screen.

The Pokemon Go drivers

A new one for 2016, Pokemon Go drivers are similar to texters. They both have their eyes glued to their phones; only these guys are playing Pokemon. That’s right, while you’re struggling to get to work on time, the driver in front of you is trying to catch a Pidgey. They drive slowly too because they daren’t miss out on any cool Pokemon. It’s a recent occurrence and one that’s got regular drivers in all sorts of rage.

The boy racers

I think it’s a good idea to end things with the most annoying people on the roads by far, the boy racers. You all know who I’m talking about, those teenage kids that think they’re NASCAR champions. Every time they have to stop at a set of lights, they think they’re in a drag race. They’re revving their tiny little engines, thinking they own the roads. Usually, boy racers come with a few additional features. There’s the poorly customised car, complete with a racing stripe to make the car look even cooler! Then, you have the customary minions that fill the back of the car laughing and egging the driver on. Is there anything more annoying than a boy racer? No. However, there’s nothing funnier than watching one of them stall at the lights after revving their engine a thousand times!

If you’ve encountered any of these drivers, then I feel sorry for you. The Pokemon Go drivers are particularly irritating right now; I’m sure you’ll encounter them soon. And, if you happen to be one of these drivers, then shame on you! Just kidding, I’ll let you off because you’re reading this blog so you must have some sense about you…

** This is a collaborative post

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