Wednesday 22 May 2024
Guest Post

INFOGRAPHIC – Brits driving abroad

Travel is wonderful but it’s always a bonus not to be stuck in one place and to have the option to explore other locations in the country or neighbouring countries that you have travelled to. Of course there are public transport options but these might not always be to those off-the-beaten track locations that you want to seek out. Hiring a car is another option but it can become costly after you factor in insurance, child seat hire, excesses, and sat nav hire etc. Travelling to a destination in Europe with your own car has a lot of advantages in that you are used to the car so you will likely be more comfortable driving and it will remove the hassle of organising day to day transport for you and your family. This infographic from Woodstock Motors gives an overview of Brits driving abroad and also includes a helpful checklist of what to remember…check it out!

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