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GUEST – The most expensive number plates in the UK

This article is an overview of the ten most expensive number plates ever bought in DVLA auctions. This is an article that has been done before, but the ones previously written by other bloggers did not provide very much information other than the price of the plate and who bought them. In this article, I added some external links resources that have information about the plates’ buyers and why they would want a certain number plate enough to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds to get it.

Credit for the article goes to Registration Transfers ( who have a wealth of interesting knowledge when it comes number plates! And if you want to purchase your own personalised number plate then be sure to check out for more information and to browse plates for sale.

There are over 35 million vehicles licensed by the DVLA in Great Britain. Over the past 25 years the DVLA has raised over £2 billion pounds from the auctions of private registrations. Some vehicle registration plates are so popular that they are purchased for hundreds of thousands of pounds. The collection of number plates has become quite the hobby for celebrities and other motoring enthusiasts. Below are the 10 most expensive number plates ever auctioned by the DVLA, now let’s look at some plates!

10.    £170,000     
Somebody liked binary code enough to buy this plate, the zero is actually a letter ‘O’. The plate was purchased in 2009 by Tom Earle in Northamptonshire. You can actually watch the auction on Youtube!
9.    £231,000     
This plate is believed to have been sold to an Arab Sultan in 1993. If I were him, I might have also looked to see if ‘SUL 74N’ was available as well.
8.    £247,000     
Robert Harveson bought this plate in 2006 for approximately 30 times its estimated value. I would have loved to see the bidding war for this plate. Hats off to Mr. Harveson for his commitment to winning that plate, he really is the #1 RH!
7.    £254,000     
At first look, you might think that the owner of this plate really, really, really likes “The Wrath of Khan,” but it is actually a very popular surname in Sikh culture. Singh is derived from the Sanskrit word Simha, which means lion. This plate was purchased back in 2006.
6.    £285,000     
This plate was purchased by Roman Abramovich, the owner of the Chelsea FC and former governor of the Russian province of Chukotka. Abramovich is worth an estimated 9.1 billion US dollars, making him the 12th richest person in Russia, and the 137th richest in the world. During his tenure as governor, he spent over 1 billion US dollars of his own money on the region, sounds like a very important person to me!
5.    £331,000    

Mobile phone mogul Mike McCoomb bought this plate in 2006 for his 10 year-old son… Makes me wonder what McCoomb spent on the vehicle to go with that plate. McCoomb’s son is now 19, and I’m sure he takes plenty of models for rides in his fusion of a few hundred thousand pounds worth of automobile and number plate.

4.    £352,000    

This plate was purchased in 2006 by Nabil Bishara, a Lebanese businessman in Warwickshire. Mr. Bishara bought the plate as a present for his wife, it now graces her Bentley. This auction can also be seen on Youtube!

3.    £404,000    
Bought back in 2008 by an anonymous bidder, this plate is thought to be the Scotland’s first number plate. The plate was first registered in 1903 by Sir John HA MacDonald, the Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland at the time! The current owner said he put the plate on an old Skoda! (I hope it’s on a Yeti!)
2.    £440,000
This plate held the record until 2014. The plate was bought by Afzal Khan, a businessman from Bradford in 2008. ‘F 1’ is short for Formula 1, and Khan put that plate on a McLaren F1… So much F1!
1.    £518,000  

The most expensive number plate ever bought in the UK was bought by John Collins, a Ferrari dealer, in 2014. The plate now resides on a Ferrari 250SWB formerly owned by Eric Clapton. The car itself is estimated to be worth £10 million!

So there you have it, the United Kingdom’s most expensive number plates! If you would like to model your dream plate then head over to Plate Trader’s number plate generator, which is surprisingly addictive! If your number plate auction fix is not satiated, I would recommend looking into the most expensive number plate in the world!

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