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Which cars are the safest?

When most people buy a new car, they want to make sure that they are purchasing a safe vehicle. Not only should it be easy to drive and handle – making it a lot easier to control – but it should also feature as many safety features as possible. All of these features should help protect you and any passengers if you are ever caught up in a car accident.

There are lots of safety features that many manufacturers add to their cars, and there always seems to be new ones that are developed. With so many different ones to choose from and decide between, it can be quite confusing knowing which ones are really worth it. To make sure your new car is as safe as possible, you need to always ensure it features the following.

Seat Belts

Every car will come with seat belts these days – every car manufacturer is legally obliged to add them. So you don’t have to worry about not finding seatbelts! However, there are some modern adjustments to seat belts that are worth investing in. One of the best out there is the seat belt pretensioner. This forces the belt to retract so that excessive slack is removed, during a crash. This ensures that the belt is comfortably fitted and can hold you back in a crash. When you are looking at a potential new car, you should also see if the seat belts come with energy management features. These allow the belts to give or yield as much as they need to during a crash. They also spread the tension around the belt evenly, so that there isn’t an excessive amount of tension pushing on the chest.

Air Bags

Air bags are critical as they can prevent those in the front two seats from slamming into the dashboard, steering wheel, and windshield. Some cars can even be equipped with side airbags to prevent injury from hitting the door. Even though airbags aren’t effective if the car rolls over or is hit from behind, they are still essential as they provide great protection during head-on collisions.

Head Restraints

It is now possible to get a car equipped with head restraints. These are just extensions that get added to the top of the seats. They can greatly reduce movement of the head during a collision or crash. Many headrests can be manually adjusted so that they are at the right height for the individual in the seat so they can be easily changed depending on who is riding in the car.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Electronic stability control is sometimes referred to as a different name, but ESC is the system’s most common name. It is added to cars to give drivers more control at times when they need to do some extreme steering. The ESC can detect when a car is about to spin, and can then kick into action so that the driver has more control and can prevent a tailspin.

So, next time you are in the market for a new car, it’s important that you get an auto that has all of these necessary safety features. But, even with all of these modern features, are some cars a lot safer than others? It’s true that some will react better whenever they are put in very serious situations, such as a head-on crash. Want to know which cars are considered to be the safest out there on the market? If so, then read on!

The Subaru XV

New Subaru vehicles are known for their extensive safety features. And, out of all the Subaru bunch, the XV comes out as one of the company’s safest cars available. It’s a fantastic performing car, and is incredibly easy to handle. So, you don’t have to worry so much about it spinning out of control as you are trying to work your way up through the gears! It also comes out top in most car list as being one of the best cars for child safety. The Subaru engine also comes with a very nifty little feature. If you are ever in a head-on collision, the engine will be forced underneath the passengers, so there is no risk of it crunching up against you and injuring you.

Volkswagen Tiguan

As it is an SUV, the Volkswagen Tiguan is a very family friendly car. It comes with a lot of space and many features that make it very easy to drive. It also scores very highly with regards to safety as well. In test crashes, the car has stood up well when it has been involved in head-on and side-on collisions. The back seats offer children in the back plenty of protection, which is increased even further if they are sitting in correctly fitted car seats. Other great safety features that come with the Volkswagen Tiguan SUV include lane-departure warnings and emergency braking systems.

Nissan Micra 

When you buy a Nissan Micra Hatchback, you get the choice to add on an optional safety package. It’s well worth adding this as then your new car will come equipped with lots of fantastic safety features, including systems that help you keep the car in its lane and a pedestrian autonomous emergency braking system. Without all of these extra features, the car is still safe, but not remarkably so. Adding on all these extras will do a world of difference!

Mercedes E-Class Saloon

They may be known more for their style rather than their safety, but, in actual fact, the Mercedes E-Class Saloon comes out at the top of many car safety lists. That’s probably because it is well-equipped with air bags. You’ll find them along the sides and along the dashboard. That means you are extremely well protected in head-on and side-on collisions. Not only that, though, but the Mercedes Pre-Safe system can detect whether or not the car is being driven recklessly. If it is, it will optimize the seat positions and remove slack from seat belts. Clever, huh?

So, there you have it – some of 2017’s safest cars!

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