Monday 24 June 2024

Choose safe, choose right: picking your kid’s first car

It might be scary when your kid starts to grow up, but you’re going to have to move with the times if you want to still keep them safe. As soon as they start to drive, you can often feel like you’ve lost your baby. And in some ways, you have. They’re starting to get a little more freedom and a lot more independence. But, as a parent, you still want the best of them – and that means keeping them safe. So, when it comes to buying their first car, you’re going to want to make sure you can find the right car that’s not only reliable but a great first car for a teen too.

Toyota Prius

First up, the big contender – Toyota’s Prius. Now, this is a firm favorite with lots of different people. Being a hybrid, it’s great on fuel and the environment. But, it’s also a pretty little car, so your teen will be in love with it. Where you’re concerned, it’s super safe, comes with a lot of safety features and is even spacious inside. Meaning that it’s great should your kid be heading off to college sometime in the not-so-distant future.

Volkswagen Passat

Similarly, you’ve also got the Volkswagen Passat. It’s close to the Prius in many ways, firstly in its shape, but it’s also great on gas too, despite not being a hybrid. Space wise, you’re going to get a good deal, and it’s also a comfortable ride. The Passat does tend a have an executive feel about it – so if your kid wants something smooth, this could be a great affordable option for them.

Kia Rio

Then we have Kia’s cute little Rio. It oozes style, meaning it can tick all of the boxes if your kid is image conscious, but it’s also compact too. With a compact car, you can often feel a bit more at ease about your kid being able to drive it. But, it also has a lot of space to it too. To be sure of the price ranges and affordability, visit Fiesta Kia today to compare your options. You can also find more information on potential engine sizes and the ever important MPG.

Ford Fiesta

In a similar size range, we’ve also got the super fun Ford Fiesta. You can often pick these models up at a great price, and your kid will love them because they’re also pretty to look at and come in a range of colors. For the parent factor, you can also rest assured that they’re jam-packed with safety features and are also reliable and efficient to run.

Chevrolet Spark

And finally, why not think about the Chevy Spark? This smart little car is a small car with a lot of bite. It’s great for new drivers because it’s easy and comfortable to drive, but it’s also great on gas. You only have to look at this Cars review first to see why. For you teen, is a small but stylish little car that they’ll love to zip around in.

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