Tuesday 21 May 2024

A & E for your car

They are part of the risk you take when you choose to drive. But if we thought about them too much, we wouldn’t want to get in the car every morning to get to work. They are of course accidents! If you didn’t already know accident are bad. They damage your car, raise your insurance premiums can be pretty scary and be dangerous to life. Pretty compelling reasons to avoid them at all costs, eh? But you can only be responsible for yourself on the road and not others. Which mean it’s still quite possible to end up in a crash or prang of some sort.

Health and wellbeing of the individuals involved aside. The next thing most folks think about is how their car had been damaged, and whether it is a write off or can be repaired. To help you establish this, read on some information about what can be patched up and what can’t.


Obviously one of the most common types of car damage in an accident is to either the front or rear bumper. These are made of plastic and fiberglass and are actually designed to absorb some of the impact of a crash. In fact for low-velocity incidents, the bumper is very effective at protecting the integrity and finish of your car.

Just for this reason, though, it means that they are one of the most damaged parts of a car when an incident does occur. It really depends on the severity of damage as to whether you go with getting these fixed or get a new one to replace the old.

Some garages can buff out bumper scratches relatively easily. But if they have sustained more structural damage then they won’t be as effective at doing their job if you are in another accident. So they will then need to be replaced in full.


Of course, sometimes a bumper isn’t enough to prevent your vehicle proper from becoming damaged. Cars are big heavy machines that travel at great speed, which means that damage resulting from impact is very likely.

Serious accidents can result in your vehicle being classed as a total write-off. This is when the damage is too great to be repaired, or the structural integrity of the car has been compromised, so it is no longer safe.

However, not all incidents result in this. Some only cause small dents in the bodywork of your car which can be taken to panel beaters and repaired easily. They will also be able to deal with paintwork scratches and well as some chassis repairs.


Another element of your motor vehicle that has a high probability of being damaged during an accident are the windows. This is because, although car glass is toughened, it is still a relatively brittle material compared to the other elements of the vehicle.

However, it isn’t too complicated or expensive to replace. Small nicks can be patched up too, and some services even offer to come to your home to do this for you.

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