Wednesday 17 July 2024

Whoops, I bought a lemon instead of a car!

We don’t always get it right when it comes to buying cars. Some of us just have bad luck on the car front, some of us are just suckers for buying this decade’s most unreliable car, while some of may have bought a reliable brand of car and just happened to land ourselves with the one they manufactured at half-past four on a friday afternoon. In short, we have bought ourselves a lemon. So what can we do about it aside from selling it on or scrapping it for a pointless amount of money? Well, that’s what we are here to help you with. So read on.

Join a vehicle recovery service

This is probably your best bet. If your car is unreliable, for whatever reason – be it conking out or getting upset when you put the wrong fuel in – joining a recovery service will save you a lot of swearing. What’s more, there are plenty of options out there and each option comes with little options that you can tailor to your preferences. There’s the AA, RAC, Green Flag and probably a whole bunch more too. And most of them make incredible promises, like they’ll be there within three and a half minutes or buy you a hotdog from your favourite vendor, so see what they can offer.

Battery issues

This is pretty common. Some batteries are just better than others. Some seem to lose their charge over night while others don’t seem to hold enough for you to even start your car. But don’t despair because there are solutions to every problem (how optimistic of us, huh). One option you have is to replace the battery. Or you could clean the terminals. Or you could buy yourself a portable jump-start kit that will allow you break down on the side of the road and get your car up and running again within the three and half minutes offered to you by some company. Then you’re free to go and get your own hotdog.

They come to you

A huge pain when it comes to unreliable cars is the time it costs you, especially if you really need to be at work right now. So, why not make a note of companies that will offer you a solution in the form of coming to you. Some companies do that thing where they will drive a courtesy car (or rental car) to your home allowing you to then drive onto work. Or it could be that your tyres slashed at work by some youth and you need someone like Wiltshire Tyres to come out and assist you. Whatever it is, there are people to fix things wherever you are. Winning.

Sell it or scrap it

I know I tried to avoid this option earlier on, but perhaps you really need to save yourself some time and money and stress, and just sell your car on. Or scrap it if you can’t sell it on. It’s not worth missing any more hospital appointments or any of your kids netball matches because you own a lemon. Just buy yourself a new car, go on.

**This is a collaborative post

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