Wednesday 24 April 2024

Don’t be crippled by car insurance: 5 clever ways to cut costs

The biggest cost of driving (for some more than the cost of the actual car!) is insurance. There’s no way around this compulsory cost, although there are ways to lessen the damage if your pocket’s feeling a little light. Don’t let the insurance companies run you into crippling debt – try a few of these methods and ease the load on your wallet.

Insert a black box

Every young driver is treated like a boy racer by insurance companies. For those who are consistently abide by the speed limits and are always safe on the road, this negative stigma can be annoying. The best way to prove to car insurance companies that you are careful driver is to insert a black box. This will monitor your speed and performance at all times and dramatically cut your insurance costs. For some of us aren’t controlled on the gas pedal, this method may feel a little restrictive. New drivers should definitely consider it though as a temporary solution whilst the charges are high.

Company car?

How much of your driving is business related? More than 75% could see you eligible for business car insurance, which is generally cheaper than your average everyday coverage. Of course, you should look into terms and conditions – a commute to work might not constitute ‘business’ for some companies.

Seek legal help when making a claim

If you do happen to be involved in an accident or weather damage or theft, you want to make sure that after paying these horrific costs for so long, the insurance companies actually do cough up! The best way to do this is to seek legal help. They will be able to help you gather all the evidence you need to make a successful claim. Note that with some car incidents, you may also be eligible to make a personal injury claim that could help your cause.

Keep your credit score clean

In many cases, your credit score can have an effect on the insurance you pay out. This is because those who are constantly dipping in and out of debt are more likely to have an insurance payment bounce (and also apparently more likely to make a claim). Start being strict with your finances and you could find your car insurance rates dropping.

Invest in anti-theft devices

For those paying for a third-party-fire-and-theft policy, installing anti-theft devices can dramatically decrease costs. There are many devices on the market, some of the most popular being steering wheel locks, brake pedal locks, hood locks and wheel locks. Having a car with an alarm will also improve your rates (so long as you remember to set it). Most modern cars are also being fitted with devices that can electronically disable the car in the event that someone tries to hotwire it (called an ‘electronic immobiliser’ – notify your insurance provider if your car has this). Alternatively, there is always the safest security option – keeping your car locked up in a garage.

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