Thursday 13 June 2024

Ford Focus RS and Mustang get Clarkson’s approval

The all-new Ford Focus RS and Ford Mustang 5.0-litre V8 GT feature in “Jeremy’s Star Cars” – a rundown of Jeremy Clarkson’s top 10 drives of the past year, revealed in The Sunday Times. Ford was the only manufacturer to have two entries in the top 10 list, reflecting the success of Ford’s performance vehicles in recent years, following the recent launch of the right-hand-drive Mustang, and the exciting four-wheel-drive Focus RS.

“With the new Focus RS, you know that after about 100 yards [of driving it] that Ford has created something very special.” said Clarkson “Its 345bhp is enough to provide a meaty shove in the back when you accelerate and a growly 40-a-day rumble from under the bonnet.”

Since the first ever right-hand-drive Mustang launched in 2015, orders have reached over 4,000, and Clarkson has recognised why 70 per cent of these have been for the Ford Mustang 5.0-litre V8 GT: “Incredibly, this 410bhp, 155mph American icon costs less than I paid for a Volkswagen Golf GTI. This is a machine that wants to turn its tyres into smoke and go round every corner sideways. You’ve seen the film Bullitt. Well, it’s that.”

I will be reviewing both cars soon, and they are proving exciting prospects. They are without doubt two of the most exciting cars of 2016, and that is a huge credit to Ford. These aren’t hypercars that cost a trillion pounds, but brilliant cars for the everyday man.

The Ford Focus RS and Ford Mustang are available at one of the 75 FordStore locations across the UK, and via the fully customisable online configurator –

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